From the temples of a pair of glasses to the monocoque of a custom car: when you need lightweight, performance and aesthetics, carbon fibre is the answer.

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Technology and Experience

Novation Tech has developed technologies and experience in a number of different areas, where industrial production and the bespoke quality of carbon fibre reinforced plastics and composite materials are required.


From seats to interior parts, structural components and body parts: Novation Tech has developed a number of innovative technologies for the automobile sector to meet both aesthetic and functional needs. Thanks to these technologies, since 2007 it supplies some of the leading car manufacturers.

Sports & Leisure

High-level, professional sports demand extreme performance and lightweight equipment is constantly evolving, with the changes gradually transferring to consumer products.
Thanks to its patents, which combine plastic and composite materials, Novation Tech is an active part of this evolution, creating products which meet all technical and aesthetic needs: frames, wheels and saddles for bicycles; eyewear; mountaineering equipment.


Thanks to its know-how in composite materials, Novation Tech has created and patented a new technology for manufacturing parts for the aerospace industry.

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