Novation Tech s.p.a. is engaged in the realization of structural parts, componentry in carbon fiber, advanced composite materials and combination of carbon, plastic and metal components with assembly operations. The objective is to transform ideas and projects into components with very high technological content, by using different technologies.

The constant collaboration with our customers from different sectors, research centres and high qualified suppliers allows us to be able to give continuous and constant alternatives. Our aim is to provide with a product that reflects the customer’s expectations in terms of design, performance and quality.

The group structure allows us to supply our clients with a complete service starting with designs, models or concepts developed in-house, including CAD and CAM files for mould fabrication, until the production and delivery of the finished goods.

We operate in the automotive, in the leisure and industrial sectors, sporting goods and aeronautics. The high qualification of our professionals and the very technologically advanced tools give us the possibility to offer components with qualitative standards of absolute excellence within the prescribed time.