Novation Tech s.p.a. head office and development facility are located in Montebelluna (Treviso), in the North-East of Veneto region, one of the most important industrial districts in Italy.

Brief history

Established in 1967 in Montebelluna, the company has progressively expanded its manufacturing business, starting from the production of metal parts and arriving at activities that include plastic injection, processing of special alloys, composite materials and production and assembly of complex components for sporting equipment.
From 1996 up until 2004 it was part of the Nike group with the name Bauer Italia. From Nike Novation Tech s.p.a. learnt the know-how and the experience that allowed it to become one of the soccer plates leading manufacturers for high range football shoes. On September 30th, 2004 Aksia Group, a holding company based in Milan, bought 100% of Bauer Italia and the name was changed to NOVATION S.P.A. Since 2007, the company has started the expansion in the composite sector, becoming one of the leading players in Europe.

In May 2017, Keyhaven Capital Partners – a UK based private equity – bought 100% of Novation Tech, thus giving the possibility to leverage the technical know-how, double the production facilities in Hungary and enlarge the Italian facility.


Development, design, feasibility study and industrialization


Mass production


Realisation of structural parts, componentry in carbon fiber, advanced composite materials and combination of carbon, plastic, metal components with assembly operations. We operate in the automotive, in the leisure and industrial sectors, sporting goods and aeronautics.