Fully aware of its role and responsibilities within the economic and social community, Novation Tech has made the development of quality, human capital, environmental protection, health and safety in the workplace an element of its corporate culture and relations with the interested parties (Stakeholders).


Since its establishment, Novation Tech has directed its organizational efforts towards:

  • Achieving and maintaining a high level of quality of its products, with the satisfaction of its Customers as its first objective. Its continuous and constant improvement aimed at attaining a level of quality and service that exceeds expectations is what allows it to excel in its sector;
  • The need to contribute to the protection of the environment and the prevention of all forms of pollution, being aware that there is a growing collective sensitivity to respecting the ecosystem balance, and also increasing customer’s need to ensure that the quality of products and services required is compliant with environmental regulations.


Consequently, Novation Tech wants to base its Quality and Environmental Policy on the following fundamental points:

  • The adoption and continuous improvement of an Integrated Quality – Environment Management System in all its parts and a constant adaptation to the development of the company and to the constantly evolving regulatory scene. These are the fundamental elements that allow the successful achievement of the company’s goals in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001, IATF 16949: 2016 and UNI EN ISO 14001 standards;
  • Constant attention to customers’ needs and satisfaction, so that by managing data from the surveys on the degree of appreciation of company supply, it is possible to ensure constant improvement of the products and services offered. All this must contribute to Novation Tech’s achievement of top-quality products, so they can be appreciated by an increasing number of customers, in order to increase the competitiveness and profitability of the company;
  • Scrupulous planning and supervision of company activities that directly affect the quality requirements of the products, not only if these are defined by Novation Tech to meet market needs, but also if they are defined by the customer through commissions or supply specifications;
  • Regarding the development of new products, approval given only to those contracts compliant with the accepted quality requirements, current rules and regulations, according to the company “know-how” and resources – all this aligned with the concept of “Life Cycle Perspective” which aims to improve the environmental impact of the product life cycle;
  • Research, identification, evaluation and monitoring of performances of all Suppliers of products and services deemed critical at a quality level and in terms of environmental performance. A relationship of mutual collaboration with them will be established in order to ensure constant improvement for both parties – namely, the Company and its suppliers. In this context, communicating and disseminating our integrated policy and objectives to suppliers is imperative;
  • Compliance with and satisfaction of the requirements and needs of the interested parties: all business processes are oriented to the satisfaction of the interested parties, including the customer;
  • Flexibility: All offices and production departments are ready to deal promptly with any unexpected events and any changes to the logistical and / or planning program;
  • We pay special attention to being among the first business operators of our sector in terms of skills, technologies and quality;
  • Reduction of environmental risks related to inadequate maintenance of equipment and machinery, especially in connection with the use of chemicals, and technical and auxiliary products for processing;
  • Enhancement of human resources, at all levels, in order to stimulate an increasingly stronger motivation and involvement of personnel in the constant improvement of products and processes, work environment and overall efficiency. This is also achieved by continuous staff training on the basis of the identification and sharing of the training needs with the Top Management by area managers;
  • Optimization of energy consumption, the use of technical and auxiliary materials, and the use of raw material in relation to the commissioned work;
  • Careful management of waste deriving from production activities, with the aim of giving a significant contribution to the recycling and / or disposal according to Law measures;
  • Improvement in the prevention of environmental pollution by minimizing the impact of its activities that produce emissions into the air, as well as those releasing ozone-depleting substances;
  • To ensure the compliance with the applicable environmental legislation and, more generally, with regulatory requirements of the sector, with reference to the results from the Initial Environmental Analysis and periodic document reviews;
  • To ensure the safety, hygiene and health of workers in their activities, with the acknowledgement that accidents and occupational diseases can be prevented by creating suitable working procedure. The safety and health of internal and external workers of third parties operating on behalf of Novation Tech are considered a primary need in terms of prevention, protection and assistance;
  • Constant verification of the compliance with the Ethical Code;


Specific objectives consistent with the strategic vision expressed herein, measurable targets and operational programmes for the pursuit of the Quality and Environment Policy, and for the allocation of resources are defined and updated with the contribution of all Area Managers and Top Management, during the periodic reviews of the Quality and Environmental Management System.


Our success is the satisfaction of our customers, which is also achieved by respecting the environment, safety and well-being of workers as well as continuously aiming at working towards sustainability and competitiveness


CEO: Dott. Luca Businaro