Novation Tech primary goal is our own customers’ satisfaction, aiming to a quality and service level that exceeds our customers’ expectations with a constant improvement in all our processes.
Our target is to be the leader in our field through the following philosophies:

– Continuous and constant maintenance and improvement of ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Quality Management and Process Management System and in comply with ISO TS 16949: 2009 . Periodic review of the quality policy to ensure the effectiveness and adequacy of all the processes . Business implementations are continually being evaluated to improve their effectiveness.
Novation Tech aims to adapt and certify the Quality Management System according to the new IATF 16949 standard within 2019.

– Continuous staff training – Each function manager identifies the needs of people training and communicates them to the management.

– Supplier choice, monitoring and communication – Finding suppliers with high-quality technology and qualitative capabilities. Constant monitoring of their performances. Communication and spread of our Quality Policy and our goals.

– Respect and Satisfaction of Customer’s Requirements and Needs – All business processes are customer-oriented.

– Flexibility – All offices and production departments are ready to deal with any unexpected event and any logistic and / or design program change.

– Positive company atmosphere – A positive internal atmosphere encourages collaboration and improves product quality: every manager must pursue and verify the satisfaction of the staff and create an atmosphere of constructive collaboration.

– Alignment with the Most Competent Industry Providers – We spend special attention to be among the firsts in terms of skills, technologies and quality.

– Verification and constant respect of the Ethics’ Code.


“The satisfaction of our customers
is our success “

Revisione 3 gennaio 2017

L’amministratore Luca Businaro